Black Floral - Cord Cutie

Keep those cords accessible and untangled with these cute little snap on cord organizers!

1 Cord Cutie is great, but we’ve found 3 are extra handy so you can use them on multiple devices, so when you buy 3 or more you will receive an automatic discount at check out. 

After a few weeks of virtual at-home learning Isabel (10 years old) and her mom noticed that the families headphone, and charging cords were getting tangled up into a giant mess each day. They thought other people might be having the same problem and a new business idea was born, “cord cuties”. 
Isabel started working with her mom on a pattern, practicing making some, and shopping for her favorite fabrics. Now with all of that complete she is so excited to offer these for sale. 

Her mom agreed to help her take photos and list them on her site, but this is totally Isabel’s project and all of the sales from Cord Cuties are going to her.  She is so excited to get started on your order and hopes you love them and appreciate all of the hard work she has put into them.