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Play Tent Canopy

Currently made to order and will ship within 2 weeks of purchase.

This canopy will be made with a very lightweight light pink cotton gauze fabric. It is still strong and durable but it is very thin and let's the light through so beautifully. It's the same type of fabric that some receiving blankets you may have seen or used are made from. I have added a little loop that hangs down on the inside of the tent so you could hang a little something on the inside like the paper ball or pompom. They even make lanterns with a battery operated light that I think would be so cute to add a little light on the inside!

The fabric is super lightweight, airy, soft and just looks so feminine and sweet to me! I think any girl would love it.

The inside of this tent has a custom made hoop that is included with your order. It is 20" across. The tent hangs about 8 feet long and gradually gets larger towards the bottom.

All products are designed by me, Terri.

This tent is all about letting your imagination take over! My kids like to pretend all different things in their tent. It is the perfect little hideaway from toddler to teen.

Add a book sling (also available in my shop) on the wall next to it and let it be a reading nook.

All of the inside seams are serged to prevent fraying and give everything a very professional look inside and out. It is very simple to put together, all you need is the included hoop, a hook and chain or rope to hang and adjust it to your liking.

DeliveryThis tent is made to order and has a two week turnaround time to ship
IncludedThis handmade cotton gauze canopy
custom made hoop for the top
IncludedThe hook to hang and the chain are not included but can be purchased for a few dollars at Walmart, target, etc, and your local hardware store.
Size22" across
8 ft. long