A day at the Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch 2014 008

We had a wonderful morning at the Pumpkin Patch today. Owen has been looking out the window at our neighbors pumpkins every day and waving saying Hi Pumpkin!! Hug Pumpkin? Hold Pumpkin? I decided it … [Read more...]

Shoe Rack

pallet 014

I found this pallet on the curb a while back and decided to turn it into a shoe rack to go on the back porch and house our rain boots.  First I hosed it down to clean it off. Then I sealed and … [Read more...]

Shorts On The Line!

skort 024

Last week I came across Carla's blog and her post about this years Shorts on the Line challenge.  I  am so glad I noticed it just in time to join in the fun. If you sew (or have always wanted to … [Read more...]

Simple Maxi Skirt With Pockets


To determine how much fabric you will need to measure your waist size at the spot you plan to wear your skirt. For a gathered skirt like this I would say to go around 1 and half your waist size. For … [Read more...]

Isabel turns 4!

Isabel turns 4 081

Isabel I cannot believe you are 4 years old! You wanted an Elsa princess party for your birthday. With Kristen's wedding and our vacation the week of your birthday we ended up rushing to put things … [Read more...]

Owen turns 2

owens 2nd bday 015

Time is not something that comes easy these days and time to blog is often put at the end of my to do list. However I wanted to make sure to at least post a few pictures of Owen special day back in … [Read more...]

Maxi Skirt with Pockets

maxi skirt blog

I just finished this Maxi Skirt that I made for our upcoming trip to Colorado. After buying a pattern and then being appauled that it called for 3 yards :0 of fabric and was going to end up costing me … [Read more...]

Furniture Makeover

chest of drawers

Last summer I wanted to give our bedroom a little make over and decided to paint all of our bedroom furniture. I think I started working on everything back in October and I just now got around to … [Read more...]

A Rescue Party

jacksons 5th birthday 001

Jackson has been super into rescue missions lately so Michael came up with the idea to do a rescue birthday party! I looked online for some ideas and we came up with a fun fireman rescue themed … [Read more...]

Felix’s Birth Story


Here I am at about 37 weeks pregnant on the left and with 5 day old Felix on the right! (photo by Ari Jones) The night before I went into labor I noticed about 4 super mild cramps each about 9 … [Read more...]