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October 19, 2020 2 min read

Today I want to talk about a trend that has made a big come back, and I'm not mad about it one bit. Wallpaper. How gorgeous is this bright bold print from Wallpaperie?!?

bright wallpaper white play canopy

I know some people (probably those that had to remove old wallpaper from a past house) are pretty against it. However, from my experience the new wallpaper is not the same at all! There are so many great options out there and they are much easier to install and remove that the original wall papers that required glue, fumes, long drying times, and were such a pain to remove. 

Poppy wall paper and white canopy - blue house joys

I was actually able to install this wall paper on my own in one afternoon. I definitely  recommend working with another person, but since I had done a few houses with friends, and this wall was rather straight forward I went ahead and did it on my own. Here is a short little timelapse video tutorial of me installing ours.

  • I recommend laying down a tarp or some trash bags and using a clean paint roller brush that you dip in clean water to roll over your wall paper to activate the water. 
  • Then you fold it in halves towards the middle on top of itself for a couple minutes which allows the glue to activate. 
  • Start at your far left corner and work your way to the right. This wall paper has a 1 inch overlap which was super handy for matching up the patterns.
  • Start a little above your top wall seam in case your walls are not perfectly straight. You don't want to get half way through and realize you wall in a half inch taller on one end and not have extra paper to make up the difference. 
  • Have an exacto knife handy to cut around plugs or windows as you work. 
  • Also make sure to do the entire section at the same time because this type of wallpaper shrinks just a tiny bit as it dries and it would be hard to match up patterns if you stop mid wall. 
  • Wait until everything has dried and then trim the extra off the top and bottom all at once. 

water activated wallpaper instructionswater activated wallpaper instructions

There are so many different options out there, and I have had a lot of success with using both peel and stick and pre pasted water activated. The nice thing about this water activated kind is that it was not bothered by the texture on my walls. I received this wall paper from Wallpaperie, and the quality is really really great! 

Let me know if you have other questions, or if you have a favorite wall paper you have tried! 


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