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Some things you might be wondering

How do I set up the hoop for my canopy?

I've made a quick video for you that explains how to best set up your hoop so that the canopy hangs perfectly. 

I have ceilings higher than 8 foot. Will the canopy still work for my home?

Great question, and my answer is, yes! I recommend using a small chain, or twine to lower the canopy down a couple feet so that it touches the floor if you are wanting to put a pillow under it.. If you are planning to hang it over a bed then it works fine without being a little bit off the ground. You can see our Instagram page for inspiration and ideas.

What is included in the book sling orders?

Everything but the books :) You will receive 2 handmade wooden brackets, 2 dowel rods in the correct length for your book shelf ordered, the fabric sling, and all of the hardware to hang it up including wall anchors.

How do I install my Blue House Joys book sling brackets?

Your order will come with a detailed instruction pamphlet as well as a hanging guide for marking your screws. If you have questions during installation don't hesitate to reach out -

What length bookshelf should I get?

Time to measure! Our bookshelves come in three convenient sizes, 2 ft, 3ft, 4ft. Don't be afraid to mix up sizes and hang different sizes on the same wall. Check out our Instagram page for inspiration and ideas. 

    How soon does my order ship?

    Be sure to view the description for each item, as it varies for each. Some are ready to ship within 2 business days while others are made to order and may take two weeks.

    Can I machine wash the tents and floor pillow covers?

    Each product comes with a specific care instruction tag attached. Everything is machine washable, but please follow the instructions on the tag for best results.

    Do you accept refunds?

    If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, I do accept returns or exchanges. You will be refunded the entire cost of the item; however, it is the buyer's responsibility to pay for the shipping and handling (including the shipping used to mail you the new product in an exchange). In order for me to accept the return, the item must be returned to me within 14 days of when you receive it, and it must be in its original condition. While I have no problem with you wanting a refund or exchange, please talk to me first about any issues you have with your purchase. I would love any chance to work with you to ensure that you are pleased with our transaction.


    Have other questions?

    Nothing wrong with being inquisitive! Please send me a message and I should be able to reply with an answer within 1-2 business days.