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February 12, 2020 3 min read


Our daughters very own super girly room.

Originally done in 2016, but my entire blog was lost last year, so I'm slowly working to repost :).

I secretly kind of wish it was my room, but I don’t know how well the whole bunk bed situation would go down with the hubby, ha.


Ever since our daughter was 18 months old she had been sharing a room with her brothers. They are awesome and everything…but they are also typical boys, and (so we thought) she was ready for her own space.


Isabel told me here favorite thing to do in her room is play under the loft.

 First off, I cannot say enough great things about this bed! I love that it can be used many different ways. bunk bed, loft bed, flipped upside down as a twin bed. Some people asked if it was smaller than a twin, but it definitely uses a regular twin mattress and feels sturdy when I have needed to get in the top bunk. I actually scored ours off Craigslist and painted the frame with a light fun mint chalk paint that Isabel picked out.



This bookshelf was one that her Nana and Poppy restored for her and surprised her with as a baby at Christmas. 

This room is not very large, and does not have a built in closet, so we knew we needed to have a couple options for storage. I refinished both of these dressers with chalk paint. and updated the hardware on the gray wardrobe as well.

This dresser looked perfect to try out an ombre effect by making each drawer a bit darker than the last. I just poured a small amount of the darkest color in 5 small bowls and mixed in varying amounts of white with it until i found the best shade for each drawer. The bottom drawer turned out a bit more purple because I tried mixing in a darker color and I really wanted to fix it, but Isabel begged me to leave it and told me it was her “favorite drawers of all” hah, I guess you cant argue with that 😉


One of my favorite things about her room are her new lights from, Bright Lab Lights! They make an awesome decoration just as is, but when it’s dark you just flip a little switch and they give off a beautiful glow perfect to read a book in bed before lights out. You can customize your light strand up to 5 different colors and they have SO many different shades to choose from!


Of course I had to find a way to work in one of our canopies 🙂 It’s nice because this bunk bed is much lower than a typical bunk bed and allows the canopy to hang perfect over it. Once she is ready to lay down she gets to look up into her canopy at this dreamy little cloud mobile I bought from Baby Jives. All of our canopies come with a little loop that hangs down from the inside which made hanging the mobile super easy. I love the little leather stars.


And of course we kept her play house that her Daddy and me made for her many years ago out of an old target cubby bin.


We are big fans of reading and kids have quiet time so I installed two of our book slings in her room. A small one by the top bunk


 And a large one across the bottom. 


Sources: Everything that says Blue House Joys is a product made by myself or one of my seamstresses. Many items are DIY crafts made by Isabel and me together and you can sign up for my newsletter to get similar tutorials. Other products were bought or given to me from shops that I have connected with this year and absolutely loved and wanted to share with my readers. Below you will find links and if I left something off just ask in the comments and I am happy to share 🙂


Canopy: Blue House Joys

Floor Pillow Covers: Blue House Joys

Book Slings and Brackets : Blue House Joys - sign up for newsletter to be notified when in back in stock!

Lights: Bright Lab Lights

Mobil: Baby Jives

Super Hero Cape: Love Lane Designs

Bed: Ikea Kura Bed

Artwork above bed: Finny and Zook

Tiny shopkin house and round bins: Target

Wardrobe: curbside rescue, refinished with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen and Target Hardware

Dresser: curbside rescue with a milk of milk paint in white and henrietta Annie Sloan Chalk Paint



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